Wednesday, November 25, 2015

New! Nitrogen Use Efficiency - Extension Publication

Environmental and socioeconomic issues have underlined the urgent need to better understand the role and fate of nitrogen (N) in crop production systems. Nitrogen is the nutrient that most often limits crop production, and its proper application can result in substantial economic return to growers. However, adding more N to the soil than crops need may result in economic loss and negative environmental impacts, as well as pose substantial risk to human health. Managing N inputs to achieve a balance between profitable crop production and environmental quality is a goal—and a challenge. The behavior of N within the plant-soil system is complex, and an understanding of the basic processes that regulate its fate is essential for developing an efficient N management program. This publication aims to improve agricultural professionals’ knowledge and understanding of agronomic and cultural practices that could help to improve the efficiency of their nitrogen fertilizer use and to enhance their farming operations’ competitiveness. The publication summarizes the most current applied scientific information on practices and methodologies available to growers.

Thank you to Kelli Belmont - Cropping Systems Research Technician, UI Parma R&E CenterDr. Aaron Daigh -Assistant Professor of Soil Physics, NDSU, and Dr. Christopher Rogers - UI Endowed Barley Research Agronomist, Aberdeen R&E Center, for their valuable contribution to this publication.
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