Friday, July 17, 2015

Cereal Field Day - July 15.

The Cereal Field Day was conducted at the UI Aberdeen R&E Center on July 15.

Olga Walsh, Cropping Systems Agronomist and Extension Specialist, UI Parma R&E Center, discussed the precision sensing project conducted in collaboration with Juliet Marshall, Chad Jackson  and Todd Shelman (Aberdeen R&E Center). The project funded by the Idaho Wheat Commission, involves the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) for collection of aerial images from spring wheat extension nursery plots at 4 eastern ID locations (Rupert, Aberdeen, Ashton, and Soda Springs). The industry partners - Kristin Swoboda and Craig Thompson of Take Flight LLC, Nampa/Boise, ID, are providing technical support associated with the UAS flights and data collection.

 Jianli Chen, Wheat Breeder, UI Aberdeen R&E Center, and Xi Liang, Cropping Systems Specialist, UI Aberdeen R&E Center, have discussed the wheat varieties being tested and to be released this year. They also explained how the plant physiological parameters accessed mid-season help to identify higher yielding varieties with best end-use quality.

 Arash Rashed, Ecological Entomology Specialist, UI Aberdeen R&E Center, gave an overview of common cereal pests causing damage and spreading diseases, including several varieties of aphids, wireworms, and cereal leaf beetles.
 Frank Curtis, Chief Operating Officer, Limagrain Cereal Seed, had discussed the current varieties evaluated and released by the company.
Juliet Marshall, Cereal Cropping Systems Specialist and Pathologist, gave an overview of wheat and barley varieties currently being tested by the University of Idaho researchers.

Parma Cropping Systems Agronomy crew - equipment training day

Last week, the Parma Cropping Systems Agronomy team - Kelli Belmont, Research Technician, Jordan McClintick, Research Assistant, and Arjun Pandey - PhD Student - had a chance to re-group and to spend a few hours on training to keep up-to-date on the precision sensing equipment used to collect in-season data within the research plots.
 The Leaf Area Index (LAI) sensor demonstration.

 The FarmWorks Mobile Software training.

Precision Agriculture Field Day, Moscow, ID, July 8.

 At Odberg Farms, Genessee, ID, the attendees discussed Variable Rate Nitrogen Application, Yield Mapping, and Technical Support


Precision ag equipment in the tractor cab allows for many precise input applications.

The view from the tractor cab.
Robert Blair, Blair Farms, Kendrick, ID, has discussed the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), Remote Sensing, and UAS Regulations 

Robert Blair's team members are maintaining detailed logs of each UAV flight. The logs must be submitted on a monthly basis to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), to ensure the safety protocols are being followed.

Up-close UAV (drone) - senseFly eBee Ag - used by Blair's crew to rapidly scan the growers fields for plant issues and to estimate potential yield.
The UAV in the action!
The tour has also included a visit to the Jones Farm, Troy, ID, where growers and researchers have discussed the applicability of precision ag methodologies in typical farming operations.

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Direct Seed Field Day - July 22!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Parma Cereal Field Day

 Michael Flowers, Assistant Professor, Extension Cereals Specialist, Oregon State University, discussed winter wheat variety trial.

 Arjun Pandey, Graduate Research Assistant, Cropping Systems Agronomy Program, Parma R&E Center, demonstrated equipment used in cropping systems research program.

  Xi Liang, Cropping Systems Specialist, Aberdeen R&E Center, University of Idaho, gave an overview of alternative crops such as quinoa.

  Cathy Wilson, Director of Research Collaboration, Idaho Wheat Commission, provided an update on IWC research priorities.

 Attendees view wheat and barley research plots.
  Arjun Pandey, Graduate Research Assistant, Cropping Systems Agronomy Program, Parma R&E Center, reported on current water and nitrogen use efficiency research.

Jim Klauzer, Agronomist, Clearwater Supply, discussed potential benefits and application of subsurface drip irrigation systems for efficient water use in field crops.