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  1. Walsh O.S., S. Shafian, J.M. Marshall, C. Jackson, J.R. McClintick-Chess, S.M. Blanscet, K. Swoboda, C. Thompson, K.M. Belmont, and W.L. Walsh. Assessment of UAV Based Vegetation Indices for Nitrogen Concentration Estimation in Spring Wheat. Advances in Remote Sensing
  2. Walsh, O.S. S. Shafian, J.R. McClintick-Chess, K.M. Belmont, and S.M. Blanscet. 2018. Effect of Silicon Rates and Application Time on Irrigated Winter Wheat Grain Yield and Quality. Plants
  3. Walsh O.S., S. Shafian, and R.J. Christiaens. 2018. Evaluation of Sensor-Based Nitrogen Rates and Sources in Wheat. International Journal of Agronomy
  4. Walsh O.S., S. Shafian, and R. J. Christiaens. 2017. Nitrogen Fertilizer Management in Dryland Wheat Cropping Systems. Plants
  5. Samborski S. M., D. Gozdowski, O. S. Walsh, P. Kyveryga, and M. Stępień. 2017. Sensitivity of Sensor Based Nitrogen Rates to Selection of Within-Field Calibration Strips in Winter Wheat. Crop and Pasture Science
  6. Walsh O.S. and R. Christiaens. 2016. Relative Efficacy of Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizers in Dryland Spring Wheat. International Journal of Agriculture
  7. Walsh O.S., and K. Girma. 2016. Environmentally Smart Nitrogen Performance in Northwestern GreatPlains’ Spring Wheat Production Systems. International Journal of Agriculture
  8. Pishchik V.N., N.I. Vorobyov, O.S. Walsh, V.G. Surin, and Y.V. Khomyakov. 2016. Estimation ofSynergistic Effect of Humic Fertilizer and Bacillus Subtilis on Lettuce Plants by Reflectance Measurements.  Journal of Plant Nutrition
  9. Samborski S. M., D. Gozdowski, E.S. Dobers, M. Stępień, O.S. Walsh, and E. Leszczyńska. 2016. On-Farm Evaluation of an Active Optical Sensor Performance for Variable Nitrogen Application in Winter Wheat. European Journal of Agronomy
  10. Samborski S. M., D. Gozdowski, O.S. Walsh, D.W. Lamb, M. Stępień, E.S. Gacek, and T. Drzazga. 2015. Winter Wheat Genotype Effect on Canopy Reflectance: Implications for Using NDVI for In-Season Nitrogen Topdressing Recommendations. Agronomy Journal
  11. Walsh O.S., J.B. Solie, and W.R. Raun 2013. Can Oklahoma Mesonet Cumulative EvapotranspirationData Be Accurately Predicted Using Three Interpolation Methods? Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis
  12. Walsh O.S., A.R. Klatt, J.B. Solie, C.B. Godsey, and W.R. Raun. 2012. Use of Soil Moisture Datafor Refined Greenseeker Sensor Based Nitrogen Recommendations in Winter Wheat(Triticum aestivum L.). Journal of Precision Agriculture
  13. Walsh O.S., A.R. Klatt, J.B. Solie, and W.R. Raun. 2012. Effect of Delayed N Fertilization on Corn Grain Yields. Journal of Plant Nutrition

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