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2.  Ondoua R. N. and O.S. Walsh. 2017. Precision Agriculture, Advances, and Limitations: Lessons to the Stakeholders. Crops & Soils.

3.  Ondoua R. N., O.S. Walsh, and K. Desta. 2017. Grazing and Organic Amendments Enhance Growth and Development of Biennial Winter Canola. CSA News Magazine.

4.  Brown B. and O.S. Walsh. 2016. Planting Dates in Wheat Production. Bulletin 906. University of Idaho.

5.  Walsh O.S. and K.M. Belmont. 2015. Improving Nitrogen-Use Efficiency in Idaho Crop ProductionBulletin 899. University of Idaho.

6.  Walsh O.S. 2015. Nitrogen Management in Field Crops with Reference Strips and Crop Sensors. Bulletin 896. University of Idaho.

7.  Walsh O.S. 2016. Recap of the Nitrogen Use Efficiency Conference. CSA News Magazine.

9.  Walsh O.S. 2015. Reference Strips and Precision Sensors for Increased Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Wheat Production. USDA-NIFA, Western SARE. Final Research Report.

10.       Walsh O.S. 2014. Efficiency Test of HUMA GRO® SUPER PHOS® in Spring Wheat. Research Report.

11.       Walsh O.S., R.J. Christiaens, and A. Pandey. 2014. Liquid Nitrogen Fertilization in Spring Wheat. Fluid Journal.

12.       Walsh O.S. 2014. Winter Wheat Study- Montana State University: WTARC. Research Report.

13.       Walsh O.S. 2013. Productive Journey to Successful Retention. CSA News Magazine.

14.       Walsh O. S., and R.J. Christiaens. 2013. Reference Strips for Efficient Nutrient Management. Extension brochure. Montana State University.

15.       Walsh O.S., R.J. Christiaens, and A. Pandey. 2013. Local Data is Required for Improved Sensor-Based Nitrogen Recommendations. Better Crops.

16.       Walsh O.S., R.J. Christiaens, A. Pandey, and D.A. Miller. 2013. Local Data Improves Sensor-Based Nitrogen Recommendations. Crops & Soils.

17.       Walsh O.S., R.J. Christiaens, and A. Pandey. 2013. Foliar-Applied Nitrogen Fertilizer in Spring Wheat Production. Crops & Soils.

18.       Walsh O.S., D.E. Edmonds, Y. Kanke, and W. R. Raun. 2009. Improving Mid-Season N Rate Recommendations for Winter Wheat Using Soil Moisture Data. Better Crops.

Upcoming Extension Publications in-progress:
ü Walsh O.S., Morishita D.W., Wenniger E.J., and S. Shafian. Quick Facts: Idaho Beans. Bulletin XXX. University of Idaho. XX pp.

ü Dari B., Rogers C.W., and O.S. Walsh. Best Management Practices to Minimize Ammonia Volatilization Losses from Fertilizer Nitrogen Applications. Bulletin XXX. University of Idaho. XX pp.

ü Walsh O.S., Kathleen M. Painter, Jordan R. McClintick-Chess, and Steven M. Blanscet. 2017. A Grower’s Guide to Successful On-Farm Research. Bulletin XXX. University of Idaho. XX pp.

ü Walsh O.S., D. Tarkalson, A. Moore, G. Dean, D. Elison, J. Stark, O. Neher, and B. Brown. 2017. Southern Idaho Fertilizer Guide: Sugar Beets. Bulletin XXX. University of Idaho. XX pp.

ü Walsh, O.S., R. Mahler, and T. Tindall. 2017. Soil Testing to Guide Fertilizer Management. Bulletin XXX. University of Idaho. XX pp.

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