Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pacific Northwest Pest Alert Network

Photo credit: Sean Ellis/Capital Press. University of Idaho Extension Educator Jerry Neufeld helped create the Pacific Northwest Pest Alert Network, which notifies growers about pest and disease outbreaks by e-mail. Neufeld and other UI and Oregon State University researchers maintain the network, which has 1,200 subscribers.

The mission of the Pacific Northwest Pest Alert Network website is to increase crop protection related communications and improve management decisions by fieldmen and growers when pest outbreaks occur. This website will be used as a communication tool to deliver accurate and timely pest outbreak information to the agriculture industry. We will also provide links to control information for pests identified in pest alert news items. The benefits of increased communication will provide for more judicious use of pesticides, reduced crop losses, and overall improved pest management.
To read article by Sean Ellis (Capital Press) click here.


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