UI Nutrient Management Conference

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For questions/suggestions, please contact Olga Walsh at owalsh@uidaho.edu.

We are pleased to announce that the 9th Biennial Idaho Nutrient Management Conference will take place November 15, 2018 in Twin Falls (more details on the venue will be available shortly).

The purpose of this one day conference is to demonstrate the various research projects that are being conducted by the University of Idaho and USDA-ARS, and to identify needs for research in order to fill gaps that may arise.
Continued nutrient management education is vital to the state of Idaho. 
This conference has been, and will remain, a valuable means of providing up-to-date research information to ensure that nutrient management planning will be agronomically and environmentally sound.
The broad focus areas this year will be: 1) crops & soils; 2) manure; 3) irrigation & nutrients.
Typical attendance has been between 50 and 100.

Thank you!

UI Nutrient Management Conference Planning Committee:

Olga Walsh, Cropping Systems Agronomist, Parma, ID, Chair
Lide Chen, Waste Management Engineer, Twin Falls, ID, Co-Chair
Richard Norell, Dairy Specialist, Idaho Falls, ID
Jim Ekins, Area Water Educator, Coeur d’Alene, ID
Lauren Golden, Blaine County Extension Educator, Hailey, ID
Mario de Haro Marti, Gooding County Extension Educator, Gooding, ID

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