Teaching & Mentoring

Students Advised

Major Professor: 

  • Arjun Pandey, Ph.D. started May 2012, transferred August 2015.
Graduate Student Committees:

  • Aparna Nayak, M.S., Agricultural Engineering. Starting date: August 2014. Economic Viability of Sustainable Agriculture Business Model-Aquaponics. Jae Ryu. Non-thesis option. 2016.
  • Kathrin LeQuia, M.S., Weed Science.  Don Morishita. Comparing Dry Bean Plant Populations in Narrow Row Spacing. Thesis option.2018.
  • Razieh Khajehyar, Ph.D., Plant Science. Started Spring 2018. Transfered. Esmaeil Fallahi. Quantitative and Qualitative Pre- and Postharvest Evaluations of Different Peach and Nectarine Cultivars in Idaho, USA.
  • Kyler Beck, M.S., Plant Science. Expected completion date: Spring 2020. Michael Thornton. Remote sensing for monitoring of pink root disease in onion. Thesis option.
  • Garrett Thurgood,  M.S., Plant Science. Expected completion date: Fall 2020. Juliet Marshall. Assessing Residue Source and Management Practices for Improving Fertilizer Recommendations in Cereal-based Cropping Systems. Thesis option.

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