Jordan - Agricultural Technician


Agricultural Technician

University of Idaho, Parma R&E Center

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Orovada Nevada on my family farm 

What brought you to Idaho?
To attend College of Western Idaho to further my education in agriculture. 

Why did you choose to work in agriculture?
I grew up on my family farm in a very active farming community.

What education and experience you obtained that is useful in your ag-related career?
I attended College of Western Idaho for three years studying multiple agriculture classes. I have also worked on a farm growing up as well as a Western labs being a lab tech. 

What do you like most about your job?
I love working in the outdoors and keeping active. I’m also enjoying learning a whole new side of agriculture which is research and hoping to help famers in the future.  

What are challenging aspects of your job?
For me it’s the difference from what I’m use to which is large scale farming to small scale farming dealing with plots and small acres of fields.  


Assisting in the implementation of experiments in the field and the greenhouse. Assisting with care of field experiments according to treatment structure. Assisting with seed preparation, planting, plot maintenance, harvest, and grain processing. Assisting in coordinating field trial work with supervisor and farm manager.

Irrigation, fertilization, and weed and pest management as required. Collecting soil, plant, water, and gas samples and preparing them for analysis. Data entry using word processing and spreadsheets. Keeping organized and up-to-date record of all work activities.

Assisting in organizing field days, workshops and seminars and other educational extension/outreach events.
Organizing and coordinating with outside sources regarding the location, hotel and catering and refreshments available for extension events; assisting with the planning and coordination of the seminars and workshops content and schedule; distributing information to the public regarding dates and content of the events; assisting with the logistics required to bring in guest speakers for the events; applying to the Idaho State Department of Agriculture for pesticide license credits; coordinating/supervising staff as required for room monitoring; maintaining mailing/contact list for the events’ attendees; overseeing registration of the events’ attendees.

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